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!nsta Loan Against Property

Insta loan is basicly for Employees who is working in Government Sector, Private Organization and Self Practitioners, who need urgent money for his any Financial requirement, be it a Medical Emergency, Agriculture or Personal needs or whether need to fund a for Wedding, Family Vacations and for a Children Education.
There's an ease of getting a Instan Loan in just 15 minutes. So enjoy quick Insta Loan with our Nearest Surjit Finance Branch in Your City.

Why Choose It..

  • Features and Benefits

    • Only for Entrepreneurs
    • Loan up to a Maximum of 5 Lakhs
    • Loan Tenure (1 to 30 days)
    • Bullet Payment (One Time Payment)
  • Charges and Limits

    Processing Charges 1% + GST(18% on Processing Fees)
    Documentation Charges NIL
    Maximum Repayment Tenure 1 to 30 days
  • Interest Rate

    Product Name Rate of Interest
    Insta Loan Against Property 0.1 % Per Day